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Put a personal stamp on your home

Introducing the Dream Builder

For over 40 years, we've been building homes around how customers like to live. Today, we offer flexibility of choice and personalised service like never before. Introducing the Rawson Homes DreamBuilder. A new online tool that enables you to customise the look of selected Rawson Home Designs to match your style and taste.

A Place To Be Yourself
  • Customise Your Home

    Rawson allows you to customise your new home floor plan to suit your family and lifestyle with our new Custom Collections.
  • Exceptional Service

    We’ve refined our process to always put our customers first, and help them make the best decisions in creating their new home.
  • Freedom to Choose

    Put your personal stamp on your home and choose from a wide range of options and upgrades, from floor plans to facades to finishes.

Build with us

We'll help you find a place to be yourself.

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